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Friday, January 28, 2011

gosh. i can't believe it's been this long, a week, more than a week?! there has been lots of stuff going on, so im not just avoiding all of you!

aside from being crazy busy at work, which is a GREAT thing, I (with my boss) are helping a client plan a 10th anniversary surprise party for her husband. it's going to be so much fun.. live music, beer, and (hopefully) best wurst! can't wait!
i've also been asked to write a real 600-word article for the summer issue for the magazine! i am SO excited. im not going to go into too much detail, but it involves shopping, and 5th and 6th street (in austin, of course!) i had an article in the winter issue, have something in the spring, and will have something in the summer! thats right, i'll be published 3 issues in a row! woo!

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  1. Great job on all the publishings!! That's a great accomplishment!


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