Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's hot ya'll.
like 90 degress at night, triple digits during the day.
CL and I have been taking measures to keep cool.. lots of water, working out in the early AM or late evening, eating light, and drinking cool (you know. the occasional beer or glass of cold white wine!) 
but tonight we cracked.
its not on my diet, BUT every once in a while when it's really hot, the only thing to cool you off is a good ole fashioned frosty from wendy's
 oh yes. SO freaking good. and satisfying. and a junior size is only $0.99! and 170 calories. and occasionally i say they are allowed. (yes i give you permission!)
whats your fav summertime cool off snack?
PS im still on the hunt for a snow cone in ATX.. where are the good stands?

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