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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a little something you should know about me. im pretty dramatic. not in the 'i'd be a great stage actress' way, but the 0-60mph, no holding back, all emotions on my sleeve kind of dramatic. and i can't help it. im a cancer. (you know, the zodiac sign) it may or may not get me into a lot of trouble here and there, but its me, and i guess if you love me, you learn to deal with it. CL has. haha

and is it me or has this week been dramatic in general? i know my life is a constant roller coaster, but i've been chatting with my friends this week and their worlds are getting rocked too. isn't summer supposed to be sublimely easy? geez.

i am SWAMPED this week. with you guessed it. kind of non paid magazine work. (i say kind of non paid in that i get paid after the articles get published in a couple months!) im interviewing a designer, a bar owner, and a hotel (for the wedding- totally non magazine related!) tomorrow. yea. all in one day- wish me luck! and say a prayer we can nail down a date for the wedding. this is getting stressful not being able to set a date!

sunday we met my dad at the salt lick in driftwood for fathers day. it was SO good, as usual. it wasn't terribly hot and the wait wasn't bad. and the peach cobbler? delish. im still full even thinking about it!
last night CL and I got (free- thanks dell!) tickets to the round rock express baseball game. it was also dollar hotdog night, so if you know anything about me, i was im heaven. the express used to be an astros affiliate (go 'stros!) but now they are a rangers farm team and well you guessed it. they are way better now. its so sad that even the astros farm teams have to suffer. the express won, and CL got to see his 1st live grand slam. it was a great night!

thanks to all you lovely readers that sent me kind words about what im going through right now. its so difficult trying to stay calm, find a (salaried) job, plan a wedding, and keep my head from spinning. i know that someone always has it worse, and that im probably being overly dramatic, but hell its my life and if i want to be dramatic, i will. but thanks for the support. yall are wonderful!
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oh and one last thing!
happy 1st day of summer!
its officially 13 days til my birthday (or the 4th of July for most of you!)
hope you have plans or something fun to do!i know i will!

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