sweet summertime.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

as i was running the dogs in the dog park today, i was so quickly reminded that yes, it is definitely summer. as the sun beat down on us (me, molly & bailey) all i could focus on was the splashing and laughter of all the kids in the pool that backs up to our townhouse. the breeze blew sweet scents of coppertone (you know, the coconut sunscreen scent.. YUM!) and i just wished i was on some island paradise.
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it wasn't quite an island paradise, but it was close. CL and I went to kgsr's 'blues on the green' last night. its a free concert in zilker park every two weeks, all summer long. kicking off this summer's concert series was none other than austin's own bob schneider. the weather was perfect, the grass was lush and green, and we even met up with some blondes from BvB (definitely a bonus!) i can't wait to see who plays next!

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