Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i was going to attempt in making this a 'wedding wednesday' post, however, its not really wedding related, except for that whole guy im going to marry thing :)

last night CL and i went to the austin monthly bachelor issue party (we get invited to all sorts of fun stuff since i write for the magazine!) anyways, it was super fun, and we saw a bunch of people we hadn't seen in a while, and the free (grey goose) drinks are always appreciated! 
(via austin monthly)

because it was the bachelor issue (remember brad womack of the bachelor fame? he was once a cover boy for the bachelor issue!), there were a TON of single women there and a handful of guys. while we were doing our mandatory 'lets get the feel of the room lap' it became overly apparent what the deal was. girls in skin tight, short dresses, completely over done up for this cocktail party. they were on the prowl. we were literally in the middle of a meat market. 

before we left, i ran to the bathroom and on the way out overheard three guys talking.. it went something like this "you mingling?" "yea, man this is awesome. im swarmed with 4-6 girls at a time" "this is awesome" "her family is in old gas money" "i dont know how im going to juggle all of this". i was literally digusted.

i know im lucky.
i don't envy those pretty, skinny girls for anything. i have a man that loves me, puts up with my crap, supports us, and comes to parties like this for me. i am so thankful that i dont have to swim in that dating pool. i am however sad that the 'man' market is so bad. there are a lot of beautiful, smart, successful women out there that want to be loved and can't find it. it truly breaks my heart.

we went to dinner afterwards and we just sat there and chatted about how lucky we were and i and made sure CL knew I really appreciated him. i am so very lucky that he came into my life and that we will be starting a life together (getting married, no babies yet!) next may. i can't wait to marry him and call him my husband!

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