some days.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

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some days its good.
some days its bad.
some days i cry so hard i feel like i could vomit.
some days the tears feel like razors coming out of my eyes.
some days i have to force myself to get out of bed.
some days there is complete silence. all day.
some days are worse than others.
some days i can't look at myself in the mirror.
some days i feel like a complete failure.
some days the sun shines.
some days i feel appreciated.
some days i take it personally.
some days it hurts worse than others.
some days i cry. for hours.

some days i get up early, shower and get dressed.
some days i get to be around people.
some days are rewarding.
some days i laugh & smile.
some days like this don't come around often enough.
some days i have gas in my car so i can leave.
some days its just nice to be out of the house.
some days i question my purpose in this life.

no one really knows the toll this economy takes on people like me. spending days, weeks, month, YEARS applying for jobs, networking, volunteering.. looking for anything to make some money. you don't know what it feels like to have back after back turned on you. you don't know how frustrating it is to have someone who you thought you could count on for work walks away. you don't know how it feels to be turned down because your educated, inexperienced, or too experienced. you don't know what it feels like to be stripped to the bare minimum. you don't know what it feels like to not be able to go out with your friends, get a drink, get your hair done, or get a manicure. you don't know what its like to watch all your friends travel while you sit at home because you can't afford it. you don't know what it feels like to lie to your friends because you can't afford to go to dinner with them. you don't know what its like to sit here and waste away.

the world doesn't understand the effects on our generation. the lost souls who busted their asses in school, got a degree, then are struggling to find a job- of any kind. the generation that falls through the cracks, and doesn't know where to go, or what to do to make it better. you don't know until you've lived it. advice from family helps a little, but they don't know. they don't know how hard i try and how much i work on finding something-- anything.

it is so hard.
if you have a job, be thankful.
if you have a job you hate, be even more thankful.
if you know of ANY employment opportunities,  tell your friends.
and if you know someone in my shoes, give them a hug. they need it more than you know.

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