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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

asking your bridal party is both one of the best and nerve wracking things i've done so far for the wedding. will they say yes? am i being creative? should i have just called and asked? will they all get along? so many questions, so little time!

i immediately knew who i was going to ask. it was really a no brainer, but how was i going to ask them? not so easy. no one lives here.. i've got two in san francisco, one in florida, two in dallas and one in houston, so getting the whole gang together was completely out of the question. i knew i had to send something, but what?

as i perused etsy and hobby lobby for hours on end (no really, HOURS) i finally decided on a handmade card and a christmas ornament. well, its kind of an ornament, but not really? you'll see! i blame hobby lobby-- they already had their christmas stuff out in JULY! and i love the holidays, so I couldn't resist! here's what I came up with!

each girl got a personalized card.. here's one example...
and a initial ornament with pink glittery initials (sorry i ran out space and of some letters, i do actually know all of your middle names!)!

inside the card, i gave them a little note with a card that said 'yes!' and that when they received the package, and if their answer was yes, to snap a photo with the yes card and send it to me!
here are all the packages ready to ship! (yes girls, i know thats not what they looked like when you got them. i had to rip the labels off because they said 'priority mail' and i wasn't about to spend $10 to ship each package, hence the sharpie address you saw!)

and they all said...

i am SOOOO excited!

and a shout out to my MOH.. sorry i was on your ass for the last three weeks.. but i was just excited and impatient! love you!!

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  1. Such a cute post! And why am I the only one that looks like a re!? So excited and honored to be a part of your special day.


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