Wedding Catch Up: Couples Stock the Bar Party

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Since all of my showers were in Houston, and barely any of our Austin friends could make them, my Mom brother Nic so graciously hosted a Couples Stock the Bar Party for us!
It wasn't anything fancy- just friends, beer, and crawfish!
It was so fun having all the guys around, just hanging out a couple weekend out from the wedding!
We had the most adorable cups made as favors/keg cups! Everyone loved them and we still enjoy using them! I actually used on at the pool last night!

Look at that beard!
Our friends Sarah & John had gotten engaged THAT DAY and still came! We love y'all!
...and Nadia even got to come! It was so fun having her there! She loves a good party!

It was such a fun night! Even thought I had to work that day AND we ran out of propane before we even started cooking, Im so happy we were able to celebrate with all our Austin friends!

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