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Friday, April 19, 2013

What a crazy week this has been. First with the Boston Marathon bombing, then with the West Plant Explosion, and the ever on-going man-hunt for the marathon bomber. (As of today 4-19-13, one of the bombers has been shot, and one is still on the run). Does it ever end?

The outpouring of love, support, and humanity i've seen the last few days has really restored my faith in humanity. In a time where we all (well most people) concentrate on the hatred and pain in the world, we are quick to forget those who run into the fear. 
To the men and women who rushed to the site of the bombing and explosion. Thank you for forgetting whats best for yourself and helping others. Thank you for being someones hero, helper, hand to hold, water-giver-outer, or blood donor. No one makes you react the way you do, and for reacting in a way that only  people with hearts of gold can, thank you.

As a Baylor University alum, it was more than heartwarming to see the student give up their Dia to help the very small community of West. All Baylor grads know how much students look forward to Dia and for the students to drop everything and give blood, volunteer and donate water, food and clothing is awesome.The donations and lines to give blood, the concern and prayer for the neighboring community not only showed Texas, but the world what a great institution Baylor really is. Sic Em Forever.

Being so far from home makes me feel less connected to the tragedy in West and definitely in Boston. We are so tied to our areas that it's hard to help, but with the Red Cross it makes me feel like i've had an opportunity to help.

It's hard to imagine the amount of hatred in ones soul to do something so destructive. How does one get to that point? Is making the world live in fear really that rewarding? Taking others lives, and crippling hundreds of others does what? Makes you a monster? 

Can you imagine running a marathon only to run to the finish and lose your legs? Or take a day off of work to cheer on strangers to lose an arm? 

The West explosion I cannot even wrap my head around. For a small, Texas town known for it's friendly people and delicious kolaches, I cannot even fathom what the area looks like in real life. The photos alone are mind-blowing. (No pun intended)

I really hope that we can soon wake up from this bad dream and the world will go back to a place where tragedy and violence aren't every day occurrences. I know that that won't happen, but as Americans we are full of hopes and dreams. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Are we not allowed to hope and dream anymore?

Hug your loved ones a little tighter today. Call your family and friends and let them know you love them. This world is a scary place and our days on earth are unfortunately numbered. 

A few songs that have resonated with me the last few days. (And yes, I have a huge Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Crush at the moment. )

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