Wedding Catch Up: The Wedding!

Friday, April 26, 2013

may 12, 2012.
austin, texas
the four seasons
it had rained the entire week leading up to the wedding, which was terrifying for a bride who was having an outdoor ceremony. the entire reason, well not the entire reason, we were having the wedding at the four seasons was for the beautiful outdoor ceremony space. it was just perfect. anyways, it rained, and rained all week. Like torrential downpour, lighting, thunder, and power outages rain. no kidding. 
i basically checked the weather every 5 minutes looking for a miracle. and a miracle is what we got. it rained the night before and i remember going to bed thinking, hell, we are getting married tomorrow regardless of what the weather does. and i have absolutely NO control over it.
i woke up on the morning of the 12th bright eyed and bushy tailed to beautiful blue skies and the sun. after watching movies, and experiencing wedding days with friends, i thought i'd wake up in a panic or nervous, but I wasn't. i was calm. i stayed with my mom the night before the wedding, and she went out for breakfast and left me to relax and shower before having to be downstairs for hair and makeup and getting ready. 
the morning seemed to go on forever. before going to explore the preparations, my mom and i shared a special moment in our hotel room. just us two and a pair of earrings that have been passed down. i honestly feel so loved every time i wear them. i'll never forget that.
 the chairs arrived and we (my mom, momadear, brittany and nadia) went down to tie the tulle bows on them. we laughed and got the bows tied like it was just a party we were getting ready for. nothing major ;) the guys helped out a little too!
 hair and make up showed up on time, as did all my beautiful bridesmaids. the guys on the other hand.. apparently were late. haha. we spent the afternoon getting ready- hair, makeup, steaming dresses, and drinking champagne. the photographer, videographer and flowers arrived in our room. time started to stand still. 
 i remember everyone telling me how calm i was, and how beautiful i looked. i remembered opening and reading a beautiful card from colby and trying not to ruin my makeup. i remember my ZTA sisters tying me with a turquoise blue ribbon that i have had stashed away for almost 8 years. i remember my mom putting on my garter and it being so silly we all laughed through the whole thing. and my momadear giving me a handkerchief to keep with me.  
and then i was left alone. it was time. my amazing coordinator becky and her assistant got everyone all lined up. and i was left, alone, in my dressing room (well with nicole, my coordinators assistant who kept me calm!) for about 10 minutes. all the preparation, time, (money) and stress was all about to be over. and i was about to be married to my best friend. and i that is a moment you only get once. (we did NOT do a first look!)
i remember coming down the elevator and one of the groomsmen telling Colby "if you turn around and look at her, i'll kill you!" haha. my dad was the first one to greet me. We took silly pictures in the elevator (where i was waiting) and then it was time.
i only tripped a little walking down the aisle. i only forgot what to say when reciting our vows a few times. and i have never felt so loved and supported than in that moment. 
we were surrounded by family and great friends that made the ceremony both personal and warm. i couldn't have imagined it any other way.
and then this happened. my favorite photo from the entire wedding.
The rest of the evening was a blur. I remember the food being amazing and I remember that we actually got to eat (no one bothered us!) the band was great (minus them not actually playing the music they were supposed to). the room was stunning. and the dance floor was packed. the photobooth was too much fun (thats another post alllll in itself!) and it went by SO FAST.
  it really was my happily ever after. i couldn't have asked for a better, more beautiful wedding, and i only hope our marriage is a reflection of the love that we felt that night.
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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous all the details and your dress!!! So glad the rain cleared up and you were able to enjoy your special day, just as you had hoped!

    1. Thank you!! We are still just over the moon about our day!


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