GoPro Sonoma Grand Prix 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

A few weekends ago, we headed up north to Sonoma for the GoPro Sonoma Grand Prix. No lie, I was totally excited about going to an Indy car race. I had never been, and its way classier than Nascar, so I was totally in. 
Colby's company, Barracuda Networks sponsors two cars (Indy and GTs), so, you bet your ass they had a huge party at the race. Barracuda parties are the best. The Cuda Lounge is always off the chain.. open bar, yummy food, AC, fancy port-a-potties, and shade. I mean, I didnt get to partake in the open bar being almost 4 months prego, but you know, everyone else did. haha.
We had a sick view of the track from the Cuda lounge, so there was no need to leave the whole time we were there.
The first race was the Pirelli World Challenge GTs Race. Barracuda recently sponsored Brandon Davis, and lo and behold, he took 1st place! It was really exciting! I mean, in an Aston Martin, its hard not to get excited about winning a race!
The main even started a couple hours later. It was cool to see drivers like Dario Franchitti and Helio Castroneves race live. The cars really fly past you.
The Barracuda car #98 didn't win, but after a small mishap, our driver was able to get back into the thick of the race and finish 2 spots higher than where he started. 
We had a great time and i'll definitely be looking to go back next year!
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