Beckett's First Few Days Home

Monday, March 3, 2014

Colby had to go back to work on Thursday, so it was Me, my Mom and Beckett at the house holding down the fort. Luckily he's a really great baby and our first day was pretty easy. We got him dressed in one of his many adorable outfits, and I got to take a shower. (A home shower is 1000000x better than a hospital shower, btw!)
We really didn't do much the first day other than cuddle, eat, change diapers, ride in our momaroo and get things organized.  He also got his first manicure! haha I had to call and make his first pediatrician appointment and get my maternity disability figured out (way more confusing then it should be!)
 Wednesday was a lot of the same, but with 100 more photos in a different outfit! We also tried to get some feet prints on some small canvas'. That was fun! haha When they are this little, the tiny moments are so fleeting, that you are contantly snapping photos to remember them at this stage!
Friday was both our first pediatrician appointment and Valentines day! We were up early to get ready for the day! It was the first time since I had put on a full face of makeup and blow dried my hair since Beckett was born, and boy did I feel like a million dollars!
excuse the mess haha.
 Our pediatrician appointment went really well. I really like our doctor, Dr. Hall. She's very sweet but very dialed in. Everyone seems to just love Beckett, so that's always nice! He had gained some more weight so that was reassuring as well!
After the Dr we stopped by BuyBuyBaby to pick up a few things, mostly a Valentines day bib and a post partum belt for me. If you don't have one, seriously go get one right now. I've been having back problems and want my organs to go back to their normal position, so it's killing two birds with one stone. 
When we got home, I had the most beautiful arrangement of flowers from my son and my husband. I cried. It was so sweet. Colby grilled (ginormous) steaks for dinner and we had a nice, relaxing evening in!
The first weekend seemed to fly by. Beckett had his newborn photos taken on Saturday with Jessie Salas Photography. She was so wonderful! He literally melted into every position she put him in. It was so cute! We also did a lot of napping. On Sunday, Colby and I escaped for an hour or so to get some more newborn diapers and look for a beanie since he was off to Boston/ New Hampshire for a few days and it has been a frozen tundra up there! It was so weird being out and about without Beckett, but we knew he was in excellent hands with my Mom!
Monday was supposed to be an easy morning dropping Colby off at the San Jose airport, but his flight got cancelled, so off to San Francisco we went to get him on another flight. It was nice being in the car alone for 40 mins on the way home. It was quiet, and nice, but I missed my little Beckett bear!
I am so thankful that my Mom was there while Colby was out of town. I was not ready to be on my own quite yet! Not to mention, little mister was getting circumsized on Wednesday, which is a story alllll of its own!
facetiming with dad while he was in Boston!
Wednesday we made it to the Dr to get him circumsized. My mom and I did NOT stay in the room. We left Beckett in the room with the Dr and waited for what seemed to be an eternity. He was fine, and the dr brought him out all dressed and ready to wait for 30 mins before we could leave. Then the screaming started. He wailed for about 10 minutes straight with no consoling. Then I realized that he had blown out his diaper-- literally minutes after his procedure. "Can we change him?! Oh gosh. theres a lot!" My mom ran to find a nurse who thankfully told us we could get him cleaned up. Then it happened again. We were cracking up. Two big poops within 5 minutes. The dr came back and was like WHOA, he pooped for me too! Three big poops- the circumcision literally scared the shit out of him! haha. Luckily after he was cleaned up and 4 diapers later, he was asleep and we were on our way home. Poor kiddo!
We laid low the rest of the week with another pediatrician appointment on Friday. He's growing like a weed and we like our dr more and more each visit! He got his first bath on Friday night.. he didn't like it so much, but has since gotten used to them! Woo!
The weekend was short since my mom was leaving on Sunday morning, so we spent as much time together as we could. We even took Beckett on a walk on his 2 week birthday! He's such a sweet kid! I am enjoying every moment with him! SO that was the first two weeks. We survived!
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