One Month.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Beckett!
Gosh, I seriously cannot believe its already been a month since we brought Beckett into the world. When people say that time flies when you're having fun, they aren't lying. 
It seems like just yesterday we brought him home and now he's a month old. Jeez. He is such a great baby. I cannot go on about how lucky we are that he picked us.
Here's the lowdown on our beautiful 1 month old!
Stats: He weighs 10 pounds 6.5 ounces and is now 22 inches tall! Future tennis, football, swim, baseball player? He's going to be tall! He has a wicked case of baby acne with a little cradle cap on his forehead/ eyebrows, but it has started to clear up! He has my nose and ears and his Uncle Nic's hair line ;) In fact, he really favors my brother Nic, so he's going to be a handsome guy! He has big blue eyes like his Daddy, and brownish hair. It's got a wave to it when it's wet but straight when dry. We aren't sure what color its going to be, but he has the most adorable swirl on the back of his head! His eyebrows and LONG eyelashes are blonde, so who knows! He's between sizes.. he's too big for newborn clothes (tear!) but is still swimming in 0-3month clothes. Luckily H&M has the most adorable (and soft) 1month clothing, so he's wearing them! He went from newborn to size 1 diapers, which is good, because as great of a eater he is, his poops are huge! ha!
Food: Beckett is quite the eater! He is strictly breastfed and does really well. He eats for about 30-45 minutes ever 3-3.5 hours. He will take a bottle if he has to, but we are trying to not use a bottle unless we really have to. I pump when I can and we have reserves for when Colby wants to feed him or if I need to run out for a few. He is a champion burper. He burps better for Dad then me, but I'm okay with that. He probably thinks I'm crazy when I tell him its time for burpees, but he will do them for me if I ask nicely ;) He's not a big spitter upper, but has spit up maybe 3 times? If he's like either of his parents, he will hate throwing up, so maybe we will get lucky! We have all these adorable bibs that we haven't gotten to use yet, but I'm sure the time will come!
 Sleep: Beckett is a rockstar when it comes to sleeping. He sleeps in 3-4 hour stretches (even when he was 1-3 weeks old!) If we let him, he will go longer. He naps really well in during the day, which is nice for me (hello naps, showers, cleaning, laundry, etc!) He falls asleep in the car just like his momma, and LOVES  falling asleep in his momaroo. He never wants or wanted to be swaddled (even in the hospital) so he sleeps with a blanket or two in his bassinet (tucked in tightly!) He will fall asleep with his soothie from time to time, but spits it out and/or throws it (Im telling you, legitimately throws!) away from him. He makes the funniest noises when he is falling asleep, but we've grown used to them. He likes short naps on our chests, which are the sweetest! He sleeps with both hands out and above his head, which is the cutest thing, you know, ever.
Awake Time: Beckett is extremely alert when he's not asleep! People are always like ooh look how alert he is for being so young! He loves tummy time. We have the Boppy Flying Circus Play Mat that he loves! He also loves his daily walks in his bassinet stroller attachment. (I hate walking him in his car seat!) Chill time is spent in his momaroo or his boppy lounger, but he prefers the momaroo more. I think it's because he likes the noise! We have dance parties a lot.. he has a favorite pandora station (Happy radio) and we try and dance for at least 15 minutes a day! Its therapeutic for Mommy & Daddy and fun for Beckett! Bath time is fast becoming all of our favorite time of day. He LOVES his baths and we love giving him to him! Our 4Moms infant bathtub makes them SO easy! Sometimes we don't want to take him out because he looks like he's enjoying it so much!
Personality: What a sweetheart we have! He smiles and coos, and loves to cuddle. He favors me over Dad when he's having a moment (sorry CL, but you know its true!) He loves happy music (or anything with an upbeat tempo), especially Pharrell's 'Happy' and his Marcel the Moose (even if his name is technically Mortimer) and Mr. Ladybug Man. Daddy says he's pretty easy going, which is very true. We are so lucky to have such a chill baby, but I think its because we were so relaxed and easy going throughout the pregnancy! Beckett also makes the funniest faces.. from the "ooh face" to smiling, he always keeps us entertained!
Some of the many faces of Mr. Beckett!
Firsts & Milestones: He can hold his head up for a few minutes at a time. He knows our voices, and even responds to my mom's voice when she FaceTimes! Car rides, a trip to the grocery store, walks around Stanford Shopping Center, 3 trips to the Dr (1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month!). We celebrated Valentines Day and watched every day of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi (He really liked the skiing!) He's also made friends with the dogs! They pretty much ignore him unless he's crying, which is not too often, so they are always like 'what is that?!' He's started to hold onto things..our fingers and hands, he pulls my hair, and holds onto his Daddy. He holds onto our clothes, and his pacifier. He also likes to give us 'kisses'. Basically he comes in, mouth open and just licks our faces! Haha! He's a big strong boy!
Nicknames: Beckett Bear, Mr. B, bebe, Buddy Buddy, Bubba.
We love you Beckett, so much, and have enjoyed every second of your being. We can't wait to see what this next month holds!
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