The Meeting of the Brothers

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Since we had Declan early in the morning, after lunch we were able to have visitors! We couldn't wait to have visitors and the first one was the big brother himself!

It was so touching to see Beckett run in to meet the baby. I tried to get a video but he was so fast when he ran in! When Colby asked him what he thought he goes "He's beautiful!" and I think we all shed a tear.
We were so thankful to have my mom here again to help with Beckett and bring him to the hospital. She got to meet him, too! 
A few hours later they came back with my brother and his girlfriend, Amanda. It was nice having some visitors in the hospital, as it can get kind of boring sitting there! We had incredible nurses during our stay and were in and out as fast as possible!
Declan got his first bath and chilled for the next couple days while I recovered. We even got to see a firework show from the Frisco Roughriders stadium one night!
On Sunday, June 17, Father's Day, we got to go home and start our new adventure as a family of 4!
Up next.. our first night and first few days at home!

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