when it rains. it pours.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

have you ever noticed when you life seems to be going divinely smooth, the next day an explosion of horrible, terrible, no good things happen? like all of a sudden the skies part and everything that you once knew all seems to be slipping through your fingers? thats kind of how today has gone. one thing after another, and the emotions pour out like you have never expressed yourself before. luckily, for all of us, life does go on, and unless someone has died, life goes on. lucky for a certain someone, life has thrown him one last chance, and for the love of God, i hope that with this last chance, he doesn't hang himself with it. even the weather was gloomy today. but after the rain, comes the sunshine, and im 100% ready for some sun.

its just these little life lessons that teach us that sometimes you have to leap and pray that the parachute opens.

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