Yo, where my peeps at??

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

as most of you know easter is right around the corner! even though its not a huge holiday (maybe for some it is) BUT the treats are awesome!! even though they make PEEPS for all holidays now, i refuse to eat them any other time than easter! and then there's bunny cakes, jelly beans, easter egg hunts and dying eggs, and pretty sundresses, and time with family! loves it!

on the peep subject, i freaking LOVE them. theres nothing better than a bunny or chick shaped,  sugar coated marshmallows! they come in pretty colors, and theres even a book about what you can do to them... check some funny peeps photos HERE! haha. seriously, peeps!!

i had austin zeta alumni happy hour today- it was so nice to catch up with some girl friends! the weather was great, and i love the grove. its a wine bar/restaurant with awesome wine flights and yummy, yummy food! im thinking of getting involved with the board, and im really excited about the possibility of getting to do so! while i was at happy hour i totally forgot to dvr dancing with the stars :( so, dont tell me!! i know that the bottom 3 were women, and according to my mom, i guessed all three ladies correct, but she wouldn't tell me who got the boot! ahh!

im looking forward to tomorrow-- its CL's day off and were going to jog/walk the greenbelt in zilker and check out a neighborhood were interested in! i hope the weather is just as gorgeous tomorrow as it was today!

til next time--

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