hello gorgeous.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there is no doubt about it. the weather has been absolutely gorgeous these last few days. we have been walking/ jogging/ spending the most time we can outside, because it should be illegal to be inside! since today was CLs day off, we decided to head out to Zilker Park and hike part of the barton creek greenbelt. it was probably the best idea we have had in a LONG time. our friend sid joined us and we enjoyed the better part of the afternoon walking, talking, and taking a break in the refreshing water.

i did however realize that it is spring/summer and the swimsuits and tan bodies are coming out to haunt me. now we all know i can rock the pale, but out in the sunlight and in the water, holy moly. I.AM.SO.WHITE. like sickly looking pale :( now, im totally against tanning beds, and i refuse to get spray tanned. the first, and ONLY time i mystic tanned, i ended up looking like THIS. no lie. it was awful, seriously bad. lets just say i bought a lifetime supply of witch hazel and buff puffs just to go in public. so i've decided that im going to be brave, load up on the sunscreen- i ALWAYS wear sunscreen, and start spending more time outside. walking, reading, playing with the dogs, kayaking, and yes, the occasional laying out. hopefully by may, when i have to wear a gorgeous black bridesmaid dress, i won't look like death! wish me luck!!


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