allergies, schmallergies.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i know im not the only one suffering from a runny nose, sore throat, constant sneezing... and that can only mean one thing. spring is here and allergies are in full bloom. the weather is absolutely gorgeous, but going outside only makes you sneeze, and blow you nose non-stop. i really think austin is hazing me as this is my first spring here. i am absolutely miserable. apparently the oak and hackberry trees are a bloomin' and my body does NOT appreciate this. ugh. i just want to feel as nice as the weather and sit outside and enjoy the spring time.

and on top of that, it continues to rain, which is awesome-- lake travis is 100% full-woo! but its keeping my dogs inside, and not only are they driving me insane, but they are starting to get cabin fever. you can see that they know its nice out, but we still wont take them to the park because after the downpour last night, there is like 3 inches of water in the dog park, and i do not need muddy dogs right now. ugh. summer where are you??

on a positive note, all this indoor time is forcing me to plow through the remainder of my online classes and im getting a lot of good studying done for my exam on april 7!

til next time

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