Thanksgiving Break!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No time like the present to go back and recap Beckett's first Thanksgiving, right?

Thanksgiving marked the move back to Texas. Beckett and I flew into Austin the Friday before the holiday to spend extra time with family while CL drove from San Jose to Houston to join us (THANK YOU FOR NOT MAKING US DRIVE TOO!) It was the first time I had flown alone with the baby, and he was a complete rockstar for the whole flight. Like slept the whole time and woke up happy with about 10 minutes left in the air. 
We were greeted in Austin by my Mom and Brother and went immediately to Kirby Lane to get lunch, queso included. I was so glad to be back where queso is a completely normal item on the menu! 
We got to check out my brother's new studio too. It so cool to see how his talents have progressed. Beckett and Nic have the cutest bond. Beckett loves his Uncle Nic!
I also flew in just in time to check out the Junior League of Austin's 'A Christmas Affair'. It was one of my favorite events when I was a member there, so I was so happy I got to go check it out this year, baby in tow! We perused the aisles until Beckett couldn't stand it any longer, and headed to dinner at Maudie's Too on South Lamar. Again, more queso. Can you see where this is headed?!
Saturday we had tickets to the Baylor football blackout game in Waco, but unfortunately due to crappy weather, we decided to stay in and have a watch party at my moms. It was cold and rainy and I didn't want to subject Beckett to that, so we stayed in and had a fun time cheering on the Bears.
My brother insisted that since Beckett was back in Texas he had to have a JJ Watt Texans Jersey, so of course we had to go get him one. On game day Sunday, Beckett got to wear his Texans jersey for the first time, and he was SO cute! After the game, we headed to Houston for the Holiday!
It was so great to see my grandparents once we made it into Houston. Even though we saw them a few weeks earlier, it always seems like too long! I finally got my hands on some a lot of Bluebell Ice Cream, and Beckett got to spend a lot of quality time with his great grandparents. It's so cute to watch Beckett with my Granddaddy. We got Beckett a walker (whatever, he loves it) and some new toys to play with and he is just so fun to watch. We also got to see my Dad and eat BBQ for the first time in months which was cool too! 
Beckett knows what's up.. eyeing that whipped cream! haha
The night before Thanksgiving is always a Tex-Mex night, (see more queso, again!) and it was so fun seeing my cousins, Aunt, and brother all together again!
We split Thankgiving (both of our families live close, so we can do both!) so it was nice to see Colby's side in the morning, and my side in the late afternoon. Beckett got to eat with us at my grandparents and he went to town on a yam and some turkey. The older he gets, the more fun we have!
The next few days we spent just hanging out, while CL drove to Plano to move into our house. Our belongings were supposed to arrive that Saturday but didn't arrive until Wednesday (moving is Fun!...not!)
My grandmother and I even got to take Beckett to see Santa for the 1st time! It was so special to me to get to do that with her, and for Beckett to see Santa. It was such a great moment, and to top it off? NO Tears! He loved Santa!
We ended Thanksgiving break with more Tex Mex (yes, more queso!) before heading to Plano to move into our house. It was such a great week of family. We are really thankful to be back in the great state of Texas!
On our way to Plano!
Up next... Christmas!

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