Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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i can't remember the last time i was this happy. now, don't run away because you think this is one of those 'oh shes getting married and everything is so fun and special for her' kind of posts. its not completely like that. 

part of it is. i am EXTREMELY excited about the wedding and getting married. Its been a LONG road- planning, decisions, more decisions, and money. i can't believe we are literally two months out today. UNREAL. ahh! im excited to call CL my husband, and start a new life together. we are finally to a point where all the hard work, and hard times have paid off and we are enjoying every single second of it.

part of it is how elated i am that i am working again. full time, every day, working. and i LOVE every second. i love that i feel like im contributing to the world (and to the bank account) again. im out and about every day- with people- doing things. and when you haven't really been doing that in years, its such a great change! i love the company i am working for and everyone is really great. im glad that i stuck it out and waited for this opportunity. it was more than worth it.

another part of it is thinking about all the crazy decisions i've made in the last few years-- from moving to austin, to moving in with CL, to taking a chance with the magazine. every decision and choice i've made has landed me here and i couldn't be happier. the friends i've made and lost. the pounds i've gained and lost. the opportunities i've had. im happy. content. blissful. 

and i wouldn't change a thing.

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