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Saturday, March 31, 2012

hola everyone! sorry i've been posting so few and far between! i've been SO busy finishing up my training at my new job. I really love what im doing and the people i work for are really awesome! (and im not just saying that! everyone is so supportive and helpful! i really an lucky!)

im currently at the showroom for my first saturday. its really not that bad- i have a great view, actually have work to get done and CL brought me whole foods coffee and will be bringing me lunch! 

ooh look thats me working! haha
man, my hair is getting long!

heres a little of what i've been up to lately. i really need to share all the bachelorette and bridal shower excitement, but im still waiting on a few more pictures!
look who has a real job now :)
view from a clients unit at the W Residences. not too shabby, eh?
mango margaritas to celebrate my almost 1 month of working!

CL and i have some fun exciting plans this evening- i can't wait!
happy saturday!

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