its been one week.

Friday, March 9, 2012

one full week of work under my belt!
 i am falling more and more in love with the people i work with and am picking up the training pretty well. i can't wait 'til i get to take my first appointment. i'll finally be out on my own, making it happen! its so exciting!

its been raining (and hailing) like crazy since last night, so we are going to take it easy this weekend. CL and I both have trainings to work on, so i wouldn't be surprised if we didn't leave the house all weekend. i mean, who says you have go leave and put on real clothes on the weekend? 

im finally getting my hair highlighted on sunday (so i guess i will be leaving and wearing something other than pjs!) so that will be nice! i got shellac manicure for the first time and so far im loving it! with how rough i am with my hands (oops) this will maybe help with the constant changing and fixing of the nail polish!

nothing too exciting going on.. haha

happy friday!

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