The Epic Jones Visit!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Before we left Austin, we knew that there were certain friends that would have to come visit. We really had just started hanging out a lot and it was so sad to leave them! So when the stars, or football schedules aligned and the Houston Texans were scheduled to play the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco, Bryan and Courtney planned an extended weekend trip to come visit us, see the city, and of course go to the game!
Colby picked them up from the airport on Thursday night and I met them at Gott's Roadside in Palo Alto. It was SO good to see our friends, and even better to see friendly faces! Bryan and Courtney are seriously the nicest people and really great friends and we really missed seeing them! We took them on a short tour of Palo Alto, and finally got a Cream ice cream sandwich. Y'all. A build your own ice cream sandwich made with fresh baked cookies of your choice and your choice of ice cream. SO worth the line!
i had a 1/2 sandwich with a turtle cookie and cookies and cream ice cream! a pregos dream!
They stayed with us on Thursday night which was fun. We came home had a drink (non-alcoholic for me, duh) and went to bed! 
They spent Friday exploring the city along as CL and I both had work. We are pretty sure they had a fun day walking all over the city. literally, they walked all day!
Saturday we had plans to pick them up and head to Napa for the day! We started off at Mumm for bubbles like always! It was a beautiful day and being outside drinking was just what we all needed. 
non-alcoholic pinot noir juice for the prego!
We headed to Auberge du Soleil for lunch-- it's seriously one of our favorites. The view is spectacular and the food is good. And it makes you feel fancy, so thats always a plus. haha.
After lunch we headed to Robert Sinskey for a tasting. It wasn't as fun as the last time, but then again, im not drinking, so I dont get an opinion! The wine was, from what im told, was still as good!
We had an hour or so left before all the wineries closed, so we made the executive decision to make it to one last winery before we called it a day. We headed to Trefethen Family Winery and yall it was the best google find in a while. The staff was awesome and from what eveyone said, the wine was great! It was also good for some vineyard photos and grapes. (They were actually pretty good and served as a delicious snack! hah!)
We had planned on dinner in the city and headed to House of Nanking in china town, but not before a sunset trip to the beach for some pics!
 I hadn't been to Nanking in years, but knew it was good, and 8 years later if it's still in business and has good yelp reviews, it has to be good! and it was! 
Sunday was game day. We had such high expectations for the Texans. We all arrived  (late to the stadium) and found our amazing seats. While the game stunk (the Texans lost 34-3) we all had a great time!
The weekend seemed to go by SO fast, but it was SO much fun! We are really blessed to have such awesome friends that will fly 1000s of miles to come visit us! We love you Jones'!!
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