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Monday, November 11, 2013

B O Y !
20 weeks! it's a boy!
Colby and I are so excited to welcome a baby boy in February!
We found out about a month before saying anything to anyone- family included!
right after we found out!
as soon as the anatomy sonogram this was the first thing we saw, no joke! CL and i both were like 'looks like boy!!'
 We wanted to surprise my Mom and brother when they came to visit and I think it was definitely worth the wait! We surprised them at the airport when they arrived!

We also sent my Dad and Grandparents a little surprise in the mail since they couldn't be there too! They both got (hot pink) envelopes with a 'hooray!' card with this inside!
 My mom got a card too, but i forgot to take a photo of it.. womp womp. there was blue 'its a boy!' confetti in it along with a couple of sonogram pictures of baby boy!

I was able to talk to both my Dad and Grandparents as they opened their cards and learned the sex of the baby. They were both equally surprised! All the kids in our family have girls first, so the new generation is starting off with a boy!

I got to share the news with my bestie Carmen and cousin Veronica over that weekend as well! Carmen thought it was a boy but hoped for a girl and Veronica was certain it was a girl! They were shocked as well! We all went to dinner (Carmen & Jared, Mom & Nic, Veronica & Ari, and Me  &Colby!) to celebrate and spend some quality time together!
Everyone else got a text with this photo! We also posted it to instagram and facebook so that once the A team found out, the rest of our friends and family would know too!
We could not be more excited to meet our little man! and I don't care what people say, baby boy/ little boy stuff is totally adorable! We will definitely have the most stylish hip baby boy in the south bay!

oh and Molly & Bailey are super excited to have a little brother as well!

PS im currently 26, almost 27 weeks, so this was no lie a long time waiting!
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