Mom & Nic Visit!

Friday, November 15, 2013

It had been the longest we had gone without seeing each other, so when i put in the call to my mom a couple months ago that she needed to come visit, especially since im expecting, it was a no brainer!
It seemed like forever from the booking of the flights, to their arrival, but as always, it was totally worth the wait!
As you saw in the last post, we surprised them both at the airport with balloons to tell them the sex of baby louis! And well if you didn't see that post, click here!!
We went to dinner and got settled back at the apartment before we all went to bed, it had been a long, exciting evening!
Friday, Mom, Nic and I were able to just spend the day together. I showed them the hospital where we'd be delivering the baby, and we had lunch at the Palo Alto Creamery, one of my faves!
We strolled around downtown Palo Alto and window shopped and grabbed a coffee. We also spotted Waldo! ha!
We then headed to Stanford University to see what campus had to offer. it was beautiful out and still needed to walk off that slice of apple pie!
 That evening we had a dinner planned with my cousin Veronica and her roommate Ari, Carmen and Jared, and of course me, CL, Mom and Nic. CL made reservations at Gravity and it was delish! It was so nice having an evening with everyone and getting the chance to catch up!
Nic had to leave early the next morning, so I really only got a day with him, but it was the best 24 hours ever! He's grown up to be such a talented musician and music producer and I can't wait 'til we can officially call him Uncle Nic!
Saturday we headed into the city to spend the day. We decided to take BART into the city, which for my mom was an adventure in and of itself! We started off at Ferry Building to wander the farmers market. It's seriously one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. CL even bought me the most delicious smelling bouquet of dried lavender. mmm!
we headed to china town for lunch, and we headed back to Nanking, and it was yummy as ever!
We walked Chinatown after lunch and perused the hundreds of shops. CL bought baby louis a knitted minion hat! its too cute! We also found out that baby louis will be born in the year of the horse, so he will be a strong, hard worker! We even stopped in the catholic church and lit a candle for Nic's flight (it was super delayed) and one for baby louis.
We headed back to the ferry building to grab a blue bottle coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) and rest a little before heading back home. we sat on the pier, had our drinks and tried the macaroons we purchased earlier that day. it was the perfect way to end the day.
we got home, exhausted, and relaxed for the rest of the evening before getting Mom her first In-and-Out burger! Her request! CL even got It's It ice cream sandwiches for dessert!
Sunday we slept in, and headed to a early lunch before going shopping! I needed a few more 'maternity' shirts and another pair of jeans. I say maternity because im still rocking non-maternity shirts. Oh yeah. 
as fast as the weekend came, it went even faster. by the time we got home it was already time to get Mom to the airport. I tried my best not to cry when we dropped her off, but of course, that lasted about 2 seconds! luckily i'll get to see her again over the holidays!
it really was a fun, family weekend!
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