Beckett's 1st Christmas

Monday, January 26, 2015

I had been looking forward to Christmas since Beckett was born. It truly is a magical time and we were so excited to spend it with him this year!
Beckett got to celebrate his first Saint Nicholas Day which was a total blast for me. We grew up celebrating Saint Nicholas Day, so imagine my excitement when I got to use my bag for my son! He was so excited and totally confused!
Good Doubloon firmly in hand.. he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates!
One of my favorite elements of the holidays are Christmas cards. This year was so hard to pick because it was our first as a family and we had zero time between my cousin's wedding and packing and moving! Luckily, Tiny Prints had a ton of great options, and the design we chose looked perfect with our photo! I just love how the card came out! I went with Frosty Ribbon by Baumbirdy for Tiny Prints and they look fabulous! Plus, the matching address labels and custom stamps made the whole card look professional! Even if you have next to no time, Tiny Prints can make you look like you had all the time in the world! They will even address and send them for you if you want! I personally LOVE addressing them, so I kept that for myself, but man, I just loved our cards this year!
Like every other Christmas, we got a real tree..but this year from a tree lot. It's not the same as last year (remember this tree farm?! Swoon!) but it was fun and we got the most beautiful tree! 
This was the first time we have ever had a fireplace or a mantle to decorate for any holiday, so I was totally excited. I spruced up my garland (damn you christmas lights!) and hung our precious, personalized stockings from Tiny Prints! (The dogs stocking was a gift from Shutterfly too!) I just LOVE how our stockings came out. They are made of the softest linen and were the perfect addition to our holiday decor, and so simple to personalize! I just love how they coordinate without being too matchy-matchy. It was such a trip personalizing them 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', but so cool once they were hung up! 
Decorating the tree was quite the feat with a 10 month old.. he was definitely into every. Single. Ornament. Luckily we put all the plastic, unbreakable ornaments toward the bottom so he couldn't destroy anything! It was so great to document his first Christmas with his own personalized ornament from Tiny Prints. They seriously take all the stress out of the holidays. I love how the Chalked Treasure in Sky with his portrait from his 6 month photo and one of his newborn photos came out.. I just love it and will always have this to remember his first Christmas!
We even decorated the house. I know, it looks kind of lame, but we were short on time so we quick got some lights and inflatables up and called it a day. Hey, we were the only people on our whole cul-de-sac that put up lights, so it looked really snazzy! haha
Our realtor invited us to see Santa at her offices so we dressed Beckett up in his sweet, smocked Christmas outfit and took him to see the big guy for a 2nd time. (First time over Thanksgiving!) Still no tears! He looked so cute and innocent. I hope he says like that for years to come!
Since we were spending Christmas in Plano, we headed to Houston for an early Christmas with my Mom and grandparents (and for someone's 30th birthday!) Beckett got to get all dressed up in his beautiful Christmas outfit and pose with his gifts. He looked so handsome! He was totally into the bows and the gift tags too! 
Christmas eve was here before we knew it and I was busy, busy, busy trying to get gifts, gifts wrapped, and food cooked. I absolutely love the holiday rush, but next year, I want to be done with gifts by Thanksgiving! My Dad came up to spend Christmas with us, which was nice since we hadn't seen him on a holiday in years! Beckett got his Christmas jammies, which is by far my favorite Christmas tradition! We get to open one gift from Santa which is a pair of Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas eve! Also, note to self, order Christmas pajamas prior to December so you won't be running around like a crazy trying to find them!
He was trying to eat the carrots we put out for Santa's reindeer! It was so cute!
Beckett decided to sleep in on Christmas morning, and we literally had to wake him up! Santa paid Beckett a visit and he had NO clue what was going on! He was totally stoked about his toys though! Just seeing the pure joy and excitement in his face made me so excited about Christmases to come! I cooked my Mom's cinnamon bread custard with blueberries and we enjoyed the morning before getting ready to head to my sister in laws house for Christmas dinner. 
Dinner was lovely and it was so fun to see my niece and nephew open their gifts that Santa left at our house for them. Lots of Frozen stuff for my niece and Super Hero swag for our nephew. They are totally adorable! 
Demoted to the kids table once again! 
After dinner (and naps) we headed back to our house for a glass of wine, and to put together Beckett's gifts.. or to open the boxes that his gifts came in and to slowly close them until tomorrow! Well I lied, we put his Pirate Ship together, which he totally loves!
I survived!
It was such a fun time! I can't wait until next year when he's a little older and (hopefully!) will understand a little more. It will make it that much better!

I hope you all had a great Christmas.. stay tuned for New Years and the Cotton Bowl. 

A huge thanks to Tiny Prints for sponsoring our Christmas card suite, stockings, and Beckett's ornament. Our 1st Christmas as a family wouldn't have been the same with out all of our goodies!

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