24 hours in the homeland.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

last week (thurs-fri) i trekked allllll the way to houston to see my best friend michelle! i hadn't had the chance to see her since she got engaged, and well, it was time! we spent the day catching up, oohing and aahing over wedding stuff (so fun!) and eating! we met up with all the girls (robin, april, margeaux, stephanie, mrs. maggie, ann, and marisol) at mccormick & schmicks' for happy hour food, some music, and a lot of pinot noir!
ran into kristen! love her blog All in My Twenties!

it was such a great night! everyone was in a festive mood, the weather was awesome, and i was even asked to be michelle's co-maid of honor! (with robin.. since i live in austin, shes going to pick up the slack when i can't get to houston!) i am so excited and honored to stand by her when she marries eddie!!

after happy "hour" (we were there for 3 or 4 haha) we headed out to Washington and continued having a good time.  a few more drinks, a lot of laughter, and some pork tacos later we called it a night. 

it was so fun and refreshing to take a quick trip home. the humidity didn't even get to me! i met up with my mom on my way out for some yummy lunch at grand lux (mmm!) and then headed back to the atx! i wasn't even gone long enough for CL to dirty up the house ;)

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