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Monday, November 15, 2010


the older i seem to be getting (2010 has FLOWN by) the more i realize that we (CL and I) are adults. while looking around our spotless house (mom- you'd be proud!) i noticed some things that made me giggle and go 'is this for real'. yes. this is real.

  • our refrigerator. its full of V8, regular and lemon Perrier, and fruit. um what? where are the days of junk food and soda?
  • we spent last saturday cleaning house. vacuuming, sweeping, showers & toilets, baseboards, and laundry. who are we? oh and then we brushed the dogs teeth. i mean really?
  • we have a routine. 5:45 am alarm. CL work. me up- dogs out, dogs fed, shower, work, CL home, CL class on MW, gym, dinner and relaxation time. not every day does it go like this, but more than likely it is. and the weekends, WHOA. what out. we may sleep in til 9am.
  • our fridge is covered in wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, save the dates, and wedding programs. um what?
  • we have a seasonal closet with color coded, labeled bins. yup. go ahead. make fun. but we know exactly where all our holiday decorations are!

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