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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i should have been a hooker. (prostitute? escort? is there a P.C. way to say that?) those bitches get to travel the world in private planes, fancy cars, and yachts, stay in fancy hotels that they could NEVER afford, and buy all the fancy shoes, jewelry, and booze their little hearts desire. 

but then again, would i want to paid to be loved? no. would i want to be the girl on the side? no. would i want to be that girl that everyone wonders who she slept with for that? absolutely not.

and guess what? im not jealous of that. or that life style. must be lonely. and not to judge, but that lifestyle ages you and it shows!

my love is free, and wanted, and he lets me know he loves me all the time too. and i wouldn't change that for any fancy hotel suite, private jet, or louboutins. well.. maybe the shoes ;)

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