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Monday, November 8, 2010

a list. of things i don't understand.


  1. being 'fly' like a g6. last time i checked, a g6 was a pontiac... since when are those cool?
  2. why people can't be themselves? be yourself. i know imitation is the best form of flattery, but one of me is enough.
  3. clothing sizes are seriously out of wack. why can't they all get on a universal sizing chart??
  4. why is it that when one area of your life starts to be blissful, everything else falls to pieces?
  5. my dogs both have allergies. for real. its like a sneezing, itchy, running nose factory over here. does this mean when i have kids im going to have the ever-present sick kids??
  6. i hasn't been november for 10 days and it is already christmas. i mean, im just as excited about the holidays as the next person, but christmas decorations and music already? what happened to thanksgiving?
  7. did i miss something or does everyone seem to have started their own photography business? i feel like every time i sign onto facebook, its another photography business! some good, some BAD.
  8. i H A T E jealous people. get your own life.
  9. im a kind hearted person and people seem to take advantage of me. not that i let people walk all over me, but um hello, im a person too! and i have feelings!
  10. the time change is really screwing me up this year! 

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  1. Or that everyone is selling Scentsy! Oh my gosh... I can't even count how many of those dumb parties I have been invited to making it my pet peeve at the moment... Ugh!


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