fun with sugar cookies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

this is probably the first time in 5 years i haven't decorated for valentines day. i usually muster up enough courage to drag out the pink and red festive decorations, but this year i haven't been feelin' it. not that i don't feel loved, in fact i feel most loved, i think im just lazy. and because i know that in a few days i'll have to clean up, change gears, and get out the st. patricks day stuff, and to be honest, im not really feeling that either. although, i just consulted with CL and since we have guests, i may just change my mind!

since we didn't decorate, and i felt a little guilty, i decided we should decorate what seemed to be 100 sugar cookies. i love playing with royal icing, and last night didn't disappoint. CL even got in on the fun!

 yes. there is a cookie that says 'poop'. boys are ridiculous.

 my fav.

 CLs fav.

and don't worry. we aren't going to eat them all. CL is going to take a bunch to work on Monday!

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  1. SO cute! Dude, you are so freaking talented. And you know what? We so would've eaten all of those! :) And PS: love the "poop" cookie. Too funny!


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