snow daze.

Monday, February 7, 2011

ooh my 200th post. how exciting!

now for a little catching up!

last week was crazy! along with our usual business, my mom came into town on tuesday afternoon- she had an interview (fingers crossed!) and was staying the night with us. we were experiencing a cold spell in austin, which was nice, and fun getting all bundled up! she was leaving early the next morning around the same time CL gets up and we all woke up freezing. in the dark. and with NO electricity. it seriously must have been 50 degrees or colder inside.

the entire neighborhood was out and from what we could tell was that it was SO cold the night before that the elec went out-- but no. We were experiencing the 'rolling blackouts' that ERCOT had planned and FORGOT to tell us about. it was awful! no light is one thing, but no heat when it's freezing outside is totally different. throughout the morning and early afternoon the whole state was supposed to have rolling blackouts-- except for our neighborhood. we had a total of about 30 minutes of electricity until they called off the "rolling" blackouts-- meaning we did not have heat or electricity from 3:30am-2:40pm. AWFUL.

we continued to have cold weather, and even got snow! it was SO pretty. dangerous, but pretty. the night before it snowed, it froze, so beneath all the pretty white snow was a pretty thick layer of ice. luckily for CL and I he didnt have to be in to work til after it had all melted and he was even able to work from home for a little. 

all the snow of course melted and seems like a lifetime ago, but it was fun while it lasted! did you have any winter weather?

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