high school never ends.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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seriously. i am constantly reminded that the drama never goes away. it grows up a little, but under the nicer make-up, and designer clothes, the bitchy-ness is still there. girls are just bitches. there is no getting around that. and the more girls you have together, the more it gets blown up.

and my favorite part? i find it hilarious. just shows you who can grow up and move on with their lives, and who still lives in their hometown meddling in the same ole BS. (im sure i'll get flack for that now too) i know this all too well, as it is usually I who is the outsider-- i don't live in the area-- and i have an opinion-- and it usually gets me in trouble. it's happened before, it will happen again, and there is really no reason for it. i usually avoid interaction with people i don't like, or get along with, but because i am a good friend, i can and will tolerate the crap that im sure i will have to endure. at the end of the day, its all about the beautiful red head in a white dress and i am SO excited to share this time with her. if it wasn't for her, i'd seriously say to hell with it, but im better than that, and she's worth it. but have no fear, i am seriously washing my hands of all this soon- i will hold my tongue, smile and be myself, and when its over and done with, i will happily march my happy ass back to austin and continue enjoying my life.

can i get an amen?


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