Friday, February 25, 2011

i had hoped this was the start of good things to come. i got an interview, it went wonderfully. i got a call back for a second.. and then the kiss of death. 'there are three of you.. one of which has previously worked with us before.' there goes my chance. i know they probably have to post and interview, but it's just so disheartening to hear those words. 

this one was close. a very close one. i felt good that i got the 2nd interview, but didn't get the position. i need to keep positive- at least I got an interview, right? it was merely a rehearsal for the big thing that (hopefully) will be soon! hopefully something else will come up soon...!

the only thing keeping me from tears is that CL (finally) let me add 'Newlyweds:Nick & Jessica' on netflix and the first dvd came in today. i forgot how much i love jessica simpson. she really is adorable!

we have a friend in town this weekend, and the weather is gorgeous! i hope that because we are going to be so busy that it will keep my mind off the job situation.. ugh.

hope you all have a great weekend!

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