oh bother.

Monday, February 7, 2011

i never thought my life would be like this. full of so much uncertainty and confusion. i never thought i'd be a college grad that is basically unemployed (i work very part time hours- that i am NOT complaining about, its something!) i never thought that being an adult came with this having so many ups and downs. that's something they don't teach you in school.

i never believed that its all in who you know. i always assumed that hard work, dedication, and perseverance would hook me up with a stellar paycheck, but i've been so wrong. did i choose the wrong major? should i have studied something i hated that would get me a job instead of doing something that i think im good at and enjoy? it seems like i can't even remember the last time i did anything that i was proud of that i was compensated for. i write for free. i work for almost free.sure a pat on the back is nice, but so are a pair of new shoes. or a hair cut. or .. well you get the picture.
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i meet people all the time. no one can help. or no one wants to help.every time an opportunity arises i get so amped up. maybe this is MY time. so and so just got promoted, so and so just got a new job, and so and so just got a new job too. WHERE IS MY TIME? haven't i been patient enough? im smart, quick on my feet, and can do just about anything. but no one is giving me a chance. and it sucks. i can't get hired at Target (they have turned me down more than once) and i can't get hired at a "real" job because i don't have enough experience BECAUSE NO ONE WILL HIRE ME TO GET EXPERIENCE. i've applied for over 400 jobs in the last year and a half. guess how many interviews i've been on. 3. THREE. are you kidding me?! its a sick, vicious circle. will i ever escape?

and i know in my heart i would rather do something that i love and barely get by than to do something i hate and have money in the bank. i just feel that im wasting my time, my youth, and my nerves. i should be out being dumb and spending my money on clothes, and vacations, and alcohol. but im not. i can't. and i hate it.

am i the only one?


  1. My heart breaks for you. This is SO common. I know so many people who are in your exact shoes. I really hope you find something full time soon!

  2. I know how you feel. For a while I really thought I would NEVER find a design job. Just keep you head up, and shake as many hands as possible. Have you contacted Jennifer Burggraaf?

  3. Hey Angelica!! I haven't caught up on your blog in a while. Girl I know exactly how you feel, I wonder daily if I wasted my time majoring in fashion. I have bounced all over the place and have no "real" job experience. Your post hit the nail on the head about how I've felt since graduation and my break-up. I hope things start looking up for you, you're awesome at what you do so don't give up!

  4. We are in the same boat my friend, just I'm in Chicago where 400 resumes gets you 2 interviews and 10 "informational interviews." (which I THOUGHT was code for see-me-now-hire-me-later, though that hasn't worked out so well)

    We should swap cover letters. I have some ideas that might help and I'm sure you are the queen of the cover letter at this point. :)


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