i can't make this stuff up.

Monday, February 21, 2011

you know when your sitting there, laughing 20 minutes later because there is no real way that that just happened? yea, i do that a lot. thats where this story about our drive back to austin last night comes in.

first, i'll preface the story by saying that for christmas CL had recieved some of those party poppers (you know those little bottle things with streamers and confetti in them? you pull the string and POP!) and they had been in the tahoe for months. he had cleaned his car out and thought he had removed all of them. apparently not.
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we were driving back to austin and had stopped in columbus for food and bathroom break. we get back on the road and the dogs are quietly hanging out in the back seat.. all of a sudden we hear POW! like a gun shot. i was like wtf was that?! CL shook his head and said "is there confetti everywhere?" i almost died. apparently bailey had found a party popper in the backseat and had chewed it enough to fire the spark and pop the bottle (thank God is wasn't aimed inside her mouth!). and yes there was confetti everywhere. molly, who is really gun shy was scared stiff (no lie, she didn't move for an hour) and bailey, who is a little more adventurous sat under molly on the floor. she didn't know what that was, or what happened. after we checked bailey for any damage (CL was worried about her hearing, but then i reminded him she only has selective hearing regardless), we just laughed. and laughed. and laughed. CL yelled "Happy New Year" and i just sat there, in the passenger seat giggling. 

only my dogs would start a party in the back seat.
 i can't make this stuff up.

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