birthday weekend recap.

Monday, July 5, 2010

what an amazing birthday weekend! it was by far the best birthday yet! 

it all started thursday when my mom got into town. we laid low 'til i had a meeting that evening. we met up with my bro for some dinner at threadgills. next time NB orders the "daily special" he's probably going to look and see what it is first! the daily special and the featured daily item are two totally different meals.. good to know now! haha

friday we took a trip to san marcos to go to the outlets.. but of course stopped at dos gatos kolaches to see chase! if you are ever in san marcos, it is a must to get some kolaches there! they are SO good! chase didnt have much left, so we stole some day old kolaches and headed to river pub for some grub. (that rhymes and i didnt even mean it to! ha) river pub is an interesting place.. i mean it was noon and the table behind us was slamming tequila shots and pitchers of mexican martinis like it was no one's business. oh and did i mention they had little kids? hope they made it home safely! 

mom and i walked around the outlets long enough to dodge the rain, and exhaust ourselves. we both picked up little somethings for our birthdays. it was a lot of fun, but i forget how tiring shopping can get! we had to stop off at the apple store to "fix" moms phone.. too bad it wasn't broken, or stupid, or any other name we called it. it was us, and my inability to realize what version iPhone it was. apparently the newest update is not supported by all versions of iPhones. oops. we stayed in and ordered pizza, knowing that the next two days were going to be pretty hectic.

saturday we went and picked up my birthday cake at polkadots cupcake bakery. then we tried to check out a property in sola but when we pulled up we were laughing so hard, we immediately turned around and headed home to grab some lunch, go for a walk, nap, and get dressed.

we went to bess bistro for dinner.. OMG. YUMMY. it was seriously the best meal i've had in austin. if you haven't been, go. it was delicious. and a little lady named sandra bullock owns it. thanks for the birthday dessert sandy. it was delish.

we stopped and bought some mandatory sparklers before heading home. it was SO humid out that we lit 2 sparklers and inhaled enough sulfur to last an evening. 

sunday was my actual birthday (the 4th), so we started celebrating early.. breakfast with candles. CL gave me the greatest gift ever (no not a diamond...) he shaved bailey! she is now fuzz free, and i couldn't be happier! she likes it too.. shes cooler and loves being pet now. we sang and blew out candles (again) with my actual cake before heading downtown.

(before their haircuts.. with their festive bows!)

(after their haircuts! naked ladies! haha)

we had dinner reservations at la condesa.. fail. i read about this restaurant in a design magazine, which should have been my clue. not only was it extremely overpriced ($40 for 2 margaritas, a beer and a lame plate of "nachos") but nothing on the menu looked appetizing. needless to say, we read the menu, and jetted. we had planned on watching the fireworks at auditorium shores- it was awesome! we packed chairs, and a cooler of snacks and hung out on the lawn with about 100,000 other austonians. the symphony played and the fireworks were beautiful. it was the perfect end to the perfect day.

i hope all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend, i know i sure did!

and a shot out to my friend, fellow blogger and sorority sister Kaci- not only did she get engaged this weekend, but her now husband planned a whole wedding! we are patiently waiting for all the juicy details and photos! congrats!

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  1. What a fun Birthday! That firework shot at the bottom is great! The cake looks good! Love the SM outlets! Went to visit several friends in SM at Texas State over the years, they never filled me in on these yummy kolaches! River pub is always interesting and yummy! Happy Late B-Day!


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