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Monday, July 12, 2010

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lets face it folks. we are allll liars. every last one of us. "why are you late", "ohh, umm, i got stopped at every light and there was an accident and a bird pooped on my car, and i cant arrive with poop on my car, so i had to have it cleaned". umm, sure. i know you have been in a situation like this, and if you deny it, your probably lying.
just sayin'...

where does it start and where, if ever, does it end?

we all tell small, white lies.. my fish was this big, and my car cost this much, and i adore my job and boss. i don't want to get married, im planning someone else's wedding. SURE. and while these types of lies don't hurt anyone, we pretend that its okay. but are they really?

and then there are the big lies. no im not sleeping with her (after you catch them in bed together), and no, i don't know why they are repossessing my car (after you didn't pay your car note). these are the lies that hurt. and they always seem to come from the ones you love or care for the most. 

{disclaimer: im using general "lies"; im not referring to anyone specific or using any thing in my life as an example... or am i?? ;) }

the reason im asking is that im at the point in my life where i don't want to be lied to. i want the whole truth and nothing but it. is that asking too much? is it too much to rather be upset or hurt by the truth then for the truth to be altered? it's like the saying 'it's easier to ask for permission than it is to ask for forgiveness'.. or the other way around, i can never remember. but its true. i'd rather it sting up front, then burn later.
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the internet and the generation that it has wholly swallowed has given us every chance to lie. no i didn't get that email (when you read it and deleted it), yes thats really me (or is it an airbrushed, enhanced version of yourself, or not yourself at all?) that wasn't me, someone hacked my computer (nope, it was you pretending to not be yourself). has this corrupted our entire generation? my guess is yes.

and lets not forget the stress lying can have on you. one lie leads to another and so forth. its never easy to keep track. constantly trying to stay one step ahead? no thanks.

and when is it okay to lie? or is it? 'oh your hair looks fabulous!' and 'no that dress doesn't make you look fat' and 'stain, what stain? you totally can't see it'... all okay lies? or no goes?
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so be honest. are you a liar, liar? what do you lie about? 

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  1. I could tell you what i lie about, but you arent going to believe me anyhow.


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