happy weekend.

Monday, July 26, 2010

what a fabulous weekend! 

seriously. these last couple of weeks haven't exactly been blissful, and CL and I really needed a great weekend.. and we definitely got what we wanted. 

friday CL's team at work had won some $$ from microsoft, so they got to go zip-lining in wimberly, then bowling then friday night had a fancy team dinner, so he brought me home yummy food from gumbos- thanks microsoft!  he had to work his one saturday a month the next day, so we took it easy and stayed home and watched 'funny people'. it wasn't really funny, but it was worth a viewing.

saturday i started walking through the house to figure out exactly how horrible this move was going to be. and on top of everything, we still haven't been able to go see the new place. im not too worried, but still. we spent the late afternoon at our friend sid's pool- relaxing in the water, grilling some hot dogs, and just having fun. 

we decided to go out on saturday night... we started out at union park, which didn't last long due to the influx of dell people and the crappy 90s music that was so loud i couldn't even hear my own thoughts. yes, we are getting old. we high tailed it outta there and went to a wine bar. mulberry just might be my new favorite place in austin. its kind of tucked away, and it was blissful. the wine and beer list was awesome and priced great, the music was spot-on, and it was crowded, but not packed. we were there so long the bartender started giving us samples, which was super cool as well. after a great night with great friends, and lots of laughter, we closed the bar down and headed home.

sunday we had brunch at the roaring fork with my friend brittany and her fiance brandon. it was SO good to see them! they were in town for a wedding and spared an hour to eat and catch up. roaring fork may just have one of the best brunch menus in austin.. the 4 of us ate for $45. and it was delish. after brunch CL accompanied me to crate and barrel to get some 'work' done. testing out couches is a really tough gig i tell ya. we spent the rest of the day pulling down all our art work in the walls and packing up a few things. we grilled out on the pavilion at our place- it was so nice to sit outside, eat some yummy food, share a bottle of wine, and talk. we needed this weekend and it may or may not have saved us.

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