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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yay! another award!! i received this one from brittany! you should def check her blog out-- it keeps me entertained and i ALWAYS agree with the funny, true, crazy things she shares with everyone! thanks love!!

what will i be doing in 100 years?

hmm.. well hopefully i am married and starting a family. i hope to have done a little traveling... i've been itching to go somewhere- and soon! everyone is going on their honeymoons and i am green with envy! i want to be somewhere tropical!! i want to have a steady career wether that be teaching or designing.. both will do! i hope to be a homeowner of a fabulously re-designed mid-century home in austin with a yard. and maybe a pool.. unless the house is on the lake, then a hot tub will suffice! i hope to have a lofty sum in the savings acct so that i can shop for whatever i want, whenever i want. i'd hope that CL has been promoted like 100 times and is still enjoying his career at Dell. and i really hope to have a boat on lake austin. and i really just hope to be happy, loved and healthy!!

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annamarie at big girl panties

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