Thursday, July 8, 2010

finally. back to the grind. back to being busy. i cannot tell you all how wonderful it is to have things going on in my life again! being back in design, being back to having to use my planner-- everything. its amazing. it may only be contract, on-call, when-she-needs-help work, its the ultimate for me. networking, my friends, pays off. woo hoo!

now with actual things to do, my time for person things such as blogging, may take a small hit. but don't fret, when i have something to say, i have and will share!

hope everyone is staying as dry as possible. i know that here in the atx it has been dreary and rainy for days.

i had a wonderful dinner with my little bro tonight. its always nice when he spares an hour or two to catch up. he's seriously the best.

... its almost friday! hooray!


  1. Glad to hear your back on the grind!

    Were headed to ATX this weekend for aquapolooza, please make the rain go away, thanks!

  2. i will try my best!! i need some sunshine too :)


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