Tuesday, July 20, 2010

so im usually pretty on top of things when it comes to our fridge. i am always throwing left overs out and checking dates on things like milk, cheese and turkey. until today. i made a turkey sandwich for lunch, which is not out of the ordinary. a couple hours later i felt a little weird. and by the time CL came home from work i was flat out queasy. i was like hey CL 'i think there is something wrong with that turkey'... of course he was like
 'did you check the date?'
(photo via photobucket)

not only was the turkey expired, it was expired OVER A MONTH. 
i don't know what is worse.. eating over-a-month-old turkey, or knowing that i ate over-a-month-old turkey.

take it from me, check the date on ANYTHING perishable before you consume it!

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