rain, rain....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

.....go away!! 
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come back after the 4th so we can enjoy some fireworks!! and as for the humidity, im going to have to ask that you cool off so that if its not raining, it is not hotter than hades out so that when the fireworks go off, that its just not a bunch of smoke! im not asking for much! 

my birthday festivities have also begun! yay!! ive received a few presents, but haven't opened them yet! i have a ton of self restraint!! CL sent me the most beautiful birthday flowers too. he even got my mom some since her birthday is the 6th. what a sweet guy! we stayed in last night and ordered pizza, shared a bottle of wine, and devoured hey cupcake! in three different flavors. sweetberry is very quickly becoming my new favorite!

....and i had to share this because it made me laugh so hard!
--while in the car the other day mom and i were discussing acai and other new fad fruits. i was like 'i like mangosteen.. its not mango.. i thought they were being cutesy, but its a different fruit its not a mango.' mom replies without skipping a beat... 'mangosteen.. like a jewish mango!' lol. thanks mom. haha
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and lets not forget the world cup.. how 'bout
  la furia roja!!! VIVA ESPANA!!! A POR ELLOS!
(photo via wehearit)

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