Saturday, July 10, 2010

for as a relaxing weekend that i had planned, its after 9pm and we are just settling down for dinner. im exhausted. we had planned on just hanging out and relaxing all day, but the closer and closer it gets to our move date, the more and more ansy I get. and that requires me planning, shopping, organizing, and driving CL nuts.

we got up late and right in time for the heat to really be obnoxious to start running errands. we had to get CL a ner hair do at birds, stop at the tattoo shop (just to chat.. i promise!), bed bath and beyond to finalize our new bedding selection (its SO fab! we decided to save $$ and not get a king size bed yet-- we figured new bedding and a new headboard would be much more reasonable), run by goodwill (did you know they have auctions? i didnt...) grab a quick bite, and then to ReStore.

If you have never been to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and you are looking for project things, or stuff for your home, you need to check it out. We went to look for some old shutters to make a headboard out of (project photos coming much later!). i expected to find some busted, dirty, in-bad-shape shutters.. but i didnt. i found brand new, raw (unpainted) shutters!! for $4!! i was elated. we picked up a few lantern/camping "stoves" that i am turning into something fabulous (again, i'll let ya see them when they are finished!) and a cabinet door for a towel/bath robe hanger.

im so excited about all my projects, you have no idea. because i had been dragging CL around, i rewarded him with a trip to the record store.. and because i had to go return a pair of earrings at anthropologie across the street hah! we quick ran to lowes and picked up some spray paint and headed home to start the headboard. its coming along nicely!

spray paint is super finicky.. but, its so much easier and cleaner and evenly applied. i'll just have to be patient. since then i have been running around like a crazy making lists, trying to remember what we need to buy to fix this place up to move out, what we need for the new place, and all things in between. im so excited about this new start, i can't wait to move!

hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine today! im off to finish this bottle of wine with CL and unwind!


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