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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I rarely ever do this, but i have a million (okay, not really) thoughts to share and they have NOTHING to to do with one another, so a bullet point post is what your getting today!

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  • i have had 2 friends go into labor in the last 3 days. is it the heat? crazy. both lovely ladies (Callie and Chelsea) delivered healthy, beautiful baby boys. Congrats!!
  • the walk-though went so much better than we expected! we got back our ENTIRE deposit ($1800) but had to give him $150 for miscellaneous things- which is fine by me! and the best part? we don't ever have to deal with him again!
  • i am 7 years older than the ZTA pledge class I helped welcome yesterday at Texas State ZTA Bid Day. depressing. womp womp.
  • i hate vertical blinds. my dogs love them. instant conflict.
  • why is it if you buy an expensive Pottery Barn wool rug it will shed all over your house and make you miserable? Im so over it. I love this damn rug, but seriously. we can vacuum it for 30 mins straight and empty the vacuum 5-10 times and it still sheds. i bought wool for its durability but damn. its annoying!
  • no matter how old your children are, they are your and your responsibility. if your child needs your help and support, you should do everything possible to help them. one day your going to need help and what comes around goes around.
  • dear santa, i want these for christmas.
  • i can no longer eat at panda express for digestive reason (sorry if thats TMI). its not worth it.
  • my mom has her buggy beauty reunion at the University of Houston this weekend. Im so excited for her! She gets to go on the field and get announced at the game. I wish I could be there for her!
  • im anticipating a very important delivery and i am not patient at all. this is killing me.
  • i am a little overwhelmed with all the CAD and sketch up I have to have done by next week. here goes nothing!

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