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Thursday, September 9, 2010

today was a rough dog day.

i left to run errands twice today and twice i came home to the garbage strewn all over the kitchen and down the front stairs. TWICE i had to clean the same mess up. what is wrong with my dogs? paper towels and empty styrofoam cups cannot taste that good.  we have been weening them off their kennels but after the 2 incidents today and one a couple days ago that involved every post-it note i owned im 99.9% sure that they cannot be left free to roam. we have them an inch and they took a mile. damn those puppy dog eyes.

oh and did i mention after walking her twice, bailey decided to poop in the living room. the outdoors is apparently not an acceptable place to go. awesome.

and yes i threatened to get rid of them, but i won't and never will. they just need some stricter boundaries!

and i have to give it to myself. im on a major budget. major. not a lot of room to wiggle. but i needed a dress. so i went shopping (obviously). and while i purchased one dress i am going to return, i did get a hell of a deal on another. macy's is a hidden gem i tell ya. i got an I-N-C dress (i LOVE that line- so cute!) that was originally $130 for $20! and yes you saw that correctly. $20. its 100% silk, super cute, and for $20 you can't go wrong.  now, i've decided to wear a different dress for the bachelorette party im attending this weekend (SO excited!) but the new dress has a date in a couple weeks!

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