Travel story #2.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

so for my second trip, or should i say 'our' trip, CL high tailed it out of atx and got to sin city as fast as we could!

that's right.. LAS VEGAS.
and before you ask, NO. we did not get married. we'd at least mention that a day or so before so our families could make it ;)

we got into town on friday and checked into the Palms.. it was actually not so bad! I thought being far from the strip would suck, but it was almost like being on a cruise. we stayed, ate, partied, and gambled there. and only left hotel grounds twice. no lie.

we ate fabulous sushi (the best ive ever had in my opinion), drank oversized daiquiris, surprised CL's friends for dinner, and relaxed by the pool, drinks in hand of course.

the best part? we aren't out a dime. we only spent what we had saved and put away.. we didn't cut into any funds that we didn't need to (all bills paid in full before we left), and what we used we didn't know we even had (hello refund money)-- which made it the best kind of trip! no stress about anything.. money, dogs, life.. just FUN!! ;)
happy happy boy.

my view from the pool. for 3 days. bliss.

CL and I in the pool.

sushi at little buddah. so good.

CL and I in caesars.

CL and I in the Bellagio gardens.

Coolest restaurant ever in City Center.

Ice art instillation in City Center.

CL and I at the sign.

me and my winnings.. COASTERS! haha

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  1. OMG! Looks SOOOOOOOOO fun! Next time, B and I are coming. We've never been! :)


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