Monday, September 6, 2010

what a long weekend!!

hope everyone had a great, long, restful weekend! so much has happened in the last few days, i don't know where to start... OH WAIT.

i can finally tell you what we have been waiting for!
we got a new car!!
CL traded in his gas guzzling dodge truck and we purchased an audi a4 cabriolet! i get to drive it, and he gets the tahoe! its white, and pretty, and i love it! she (yes, its a girl) still needs a name, so drop me a comment with names!

saturday we met up with our fun married friends damon and amy, and a couple of CL's work buds at Independence Brewery. The 1st Saturday every month they have a 'tour' and for $6 you get a cool glass and 3 beers. it was a lot of fun. everyone brings lawn chairs and tents and snacks and you get to hang out, drink some awesome beer, and listen to music. wether or not its good, you have to decide! if you live in austin, definitely check out 1st saturdays, and next time you see independence beers- try one!!!

we spent the rest of the weekend tending to the sweet puppies i pet sat for, running errands, and watching college football! all my teams won... Baylor, Texas, UHouston, Alabama, and now Florida State! I have too many family members in different schools! at the UHouston game, my mom was honored on the field for the 40th anniversary of the Buggy Beauties! I wish I could have been there!

lulu and toby... toby wouldn't sit still for the camera!


my mom and my zta sister/friend/interior design extraordinaire kristen-- they were both buggy beauties!

and just for kicks, this is how molly sleeps. every night. makes me laugh!

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  1. Ohhh LOVE the new car! My best friend got one a few months ago as well! We drove it all around when I went to visit her in FL. Love it!! Such a smooth ride!


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