all dogs go to heaven. part 2.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

rip sancha bear.
you were the best god-doghter i could have ever asked for. you will be greatly missed.
sancha is my best friend michelle's dog... she passed away today (9-22-10).

 i remember the day we found her at the river house and she was all swollen with flea bites and scared. michelle took her in and gave her an amazing home.
even though she was a cowardly lion at times, everyone loved her and her furry toes. she loved giving kisses and hated crowds.
 im going to miss her immensely. i cannot even imagine what michelle is going through right now.
 little girl, your big brother drake is going to be lost without you. 
much love.
angelica (your god-mother) CL, molly & bailey
mom, crispin, nic, rocket
the day we found her.

growing up in san marcos

me and sancha at michelle's house. 

drake and sancha- easter 2010

the sancha bunny- easter 2010

snuggling with her big brother drake 9-21-10.

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