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Friday, September 10, 2010

its been a while since i've obsessed over things that make me happy and since it's friday and im taking a break from 'work', i thought i'd share! 

my new steve madden luxe boots.
i cannot wait to get to san francisco and wear these babies. its still a little too warm to wear them in texas, but they will go perfectly with every outfit im packing to visit my bf carmen in a week!! 

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my new car.
(this isn't it, but it looks just like this- its been monsooning here so mines dirty!) its so cute, so fun to drive and gets better gas mileage than i ever expected! im in love!

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sketching and drawing.
we just got a new client who is remodeling their master bath, master closets, kitchen and replacing all their floors AND a client who wants a outdoor bar area and deck, so i've been busy busy sketching and drawing up plans. its so nice to have a small space in the house where i can sprawl out and get creative. it's been nice getting out my sketch paper, pencils, markers, and scales and getting to it. plus, my bosslady has been loving my ideas! go me!


i cannot get enough of my planner. thank goodness my mom buys me a beautiful planner and mini planner each year for christmas from neimans. i still have all of them (its so fun to look back and see what you have done in the past!) and i cannot live without them. i may live day to day, but i plan EVERYTHING! ps mom i like the pink one for 2011 :)

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wedding season and babies!
and no, not any of those have to do with me!
one of my best girlfriends is about to tie the knot- all the invitations have been sent out, shes taking her bridal portraits today, and her bachelorette party is this weekend- such a fun and exciting time! even though i am not traditional by any standard, i cant wait to plan my wedding someday! i cannot wait til saturday- britto, its going to be SO much fun! and babies babies everywhere! my boss is prego, 2 of my friends just gave birth and 2 more are due any moment now, and a couple of girlfriends have a month or 2 to go. so far, everyone has delivered beautiful, healthy babies! it seems that everyone is knocked up! not that i mind, shopping for baby clothes is too much fun. there is a whole other market out there for baby stuff that you would never know about! even CL has baby fever... crazy, i know! but have no fear, i require a big rock before we even discuss that!

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the side, bang braid.
im growing my bangs out. again. and they are at that awful, don't look good any way you style them and i hate it. the only time they look good or acceptable for public viewing is when i braid them over to the side. its beginning to be my go-to hair style, but whatever, its cute, easy, and goes with everything!

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